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Wonderful place. Good variety of classes with fabulous instructors. Feels like you are with family. No intimidation!!! So much fun!! Pound and Country Heat are my two favorites but I’m excited to try some of the others also

Becky B-C. -
Studio C has a great variety of classes and is definitely a “judgement free” zone! The instructors are friendly and amazing! I’ve taken CIZE, Pound, & WERQ classes here. You won’t go wrong with any class you take here! You will sweat and love it.

Sharli -
Best classes ever with fun instructors. Doesn’t even feel like exercise. I look forward to Studio C every week!!

Kelli L. -
They treat you like family – they make fitness fun.

Vernetta S. -
I have tried three different classes and actually enjoyed exercising!! Playout instead of workout

Debra W. -
Tonight was our first time attending a class there, and let me tell you it was so much fun. They are very warm and welcoming!! I haven’t exercised in years and am so out of shape but this was great.

Stephanie S.C. -

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MP Hartmann Team Beachbody

Kim Martin Motivates and Curves Peoria

Sarah Ramsey Team Beachbody

Mary Ardapple-Dierker – Coreview Coach

Jalene Kaiser Team Beachbody

Evita Moore – Team Beachbody