Maripat Hartmann (MP)


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Maripat (MP)! is a Registered Nurse and full-time Home Health Care Case Manager. Since she was a little girl, she has always desired to help people. Maripat is also a health and wellness coach through Beachbody which gives her another avenue to help others. She has always been passionate about dance a, especially ballet and about fitness. After hitting a few “bumps in the road of life”, she is now the healthiest and happiest she has ever been. The “bumps in the road” have served her to help others better Maripat is certified in CIZE, an amazingly fun Hip Hop dance workout.  She has been teaching this format for approximately a year and 8 months and absolutely LOVEs it.  Her passion shows through in her energy and enthusiasm. There’s nothing like dancing with people in a judgment-free zone and seeing others have a blast and get the moves. Teaching CIZE and being a Coach has boosted her confidence and has helped her feel free to just be HER (something she has always struggled with). To reach Maripat directly, please email or visit her Beachbody website at

Certifications - CIZE, PiYo