Kristin Werry


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Kristin is teaches WERQ dance fitness here at Studio C!   Kristin started her fitness journey due to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. She started taking a wide variety of fitness classes but knew when she walked into WERQ she had found her home. Kristin fell in love with the format and felt compelled to teach the class in order to take her love for this format to the next level. Through WERQ, Kristin gets to connect with all types of people at all different stages of their fitness journey. Teaching WERQ has provided her the opportunity to see growth, triumph, and small victories every day. 

Kristin strives to live by the motto “live kindly.” She works to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where you can have fun and let loose. WERQ is about movement and expressing yourself which allows each and every person to find their own style. Come try a WERQ class and remember there are no mistakes, only awesome dance solos!  To reach Kristin directly, email

Certifications - WERQ, Groov3