Jalene Kaiser


#FitNurse #IngredientsMatter #FaithOverFear #ProfessionalFUNhaver #MindsetMotivator

Lover of life and wellness enthusiast! Registered nurse, fitness instructor, coach, and mobile airbrush spray tan owner.  Ever since she was little she knew that she wanted to take care of people. Hence how she choose a professional career in nursing.  While taking care of patients who were sick she developed a love for wanting to help people BEFORE they were sick through nutrition/ wellness and a love for fitness specifically TURBOKICK!

She believes it is never too late to start taking better care of yourself mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.  She leads by example showing others that it is possible.  She takes a strong stance on knowing the ingredients in your products and educates on how and why ingredients matter.  Your health is your wealth and today is a great day to do something about it!  If you want to connect or reach out directly to Jalene please email jalenek25@gmail.com

Certifications - TurboKick, Insanity and Cize