Evita Moore


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Evita Moore is a mom of 6 (1 angel baby and 5 living children) with one who has Special needs. She has also been married 12 years to a First Responder. To say that her life is busy is an understatement. She graduated College with a Secondary Education degree in Mathematics. After a partial year subbing as an aide to an Autistic child, she was hired full-time and began teaching High School Math, aka Algebra and Geometry.  After a miscarriage at the end of her first year and learning she was pregnant again, she made a hard decision to be a stay at home mom.  

When Evita contracted Gestational Diabetes with her first 3 full-term babies –   she knew it was time for a change – a time to get healthy.   She signed up for several programs through Beachbody and was able to lose 37lbs in 2013. She also became a Coach that year to help other First Responder Wives and mothers of more than two children do the same.  After her 4th child was born she decided to get certified in PiYo. And, Evita added Turbo Kick certification this past March. She has been teaching her children how to eat healthy and leading by example on the importance of daily exercise. Still having that desire to teach she now Teaches PiYo and Turbo Kick and is loving it.   Evita can be reached directly via Instagram @coach_evita

Certifications - TurboKick, PiYo, P90X, Transform Live