James R. Haywood, Jr.


James (J’r) Haywood is a licensed Zumba, Zumba Kids/Kids Jr. and AFAA Certified Group Fitness

Instructor. He has been instructing since April 2014 but fell in love with group fitness in 2012 after

attending his mentor (Lori Jamison) class.

By day James is your typical corporate gentleman, but at night he is an amazing group fitness instructor.

His classes vary with different dance styles ranging from merengue to hip hop. James classes are high

energy and filled with FUN! It has been known to turn a person’s “Bad Day” to a “Great Day”.

James believes that any life goal is achievable through a positive attitude and commitment to making it

fun. He only has 3 rules when taking his classes: (1) Be Safe, (2) Have Fun, and (3) No Gum. He cannot

wait to see you “Get YO LIFE!!!!” on dance floor. To reach James directly, email manda728@gmail.com

Certifications - AAFA Group Fitness Certification, Zumba B1, Zumba B2, Aqua Zumba, Kids/ Kids Jr Zumba, MixxedFit