Amanda Epley


#CantStopWontStop #BornReady #RefuseToSink #BePresentAndEngaged #ForeverGrateful

As a full-time single mom of a kid always on the go and an office manager for an extremely busy construction company, Amanda turned to fitness less than a year ago, in October of 2018 as a way to relieve stress in a positive way. She not only knows that fitness is great for your body, but she is a firm believer that it does just as much, if not more, for your mental health. Pound was her first fitness class she ever attended, & she knew immediately she wanted more. Since pound, she has also become obsessed with kick boxing & any other form of movement to help clear her mind and rejuvenate her spirit. She became certified to teach Pound in April 2019 in hopes to show others how refreshing it is to let loose, relieve stress, & let the world be your drum set. Top reach Amanda directly, email