Cathy S. Plouzek

#HRLady #Wife #FitnessJunky #Marathoner #ChiefEncourager

Cathy is Chief Fitness FUNatic and Owner of Studio C Fitness. She is Madly in love with her Husband of 33 years, a Group Fitness Junky, Retired Marathoner and LOVES to Shop!  She has over 30 years’ experience in the Human Resources profession.  Her passion is helping others – one of her favorite quotes comes from Mother Teresa where she says… “I alone cannot change the world.  Instead, I can cast a stone across the water to create many RIPPLES… “.  Cathy creates these RIPPLES through career advice, training and mentoring, sharing faith experiences, and… of course fitness programs.   To reach Cathy directly, please email  

Certifications - Pound Rockout Workout, Generation Pound, Strong by Zumba, Transform Live, Buti Yoga

Emily Scott

#IveGotGoals #TeacherFirst #HustleHard #LoudAndProud #MakeFitnessFun

Emily Scott is an elementary school teacher with a passion for health and fitness. She started her personal fitness journey several years ago after being tired of struggling to live a healthy life. After attending a variety of group fitness classes and pursuing running goals, she decided it was time to share her passion with others and help encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. In August, 2017 Emily made the leap from participant to instructor and became a certified Pound Pro. Through Pound, she helps people channel their inner Rockstar in a full body cardio-jam session. Emily believes that in order to be the best you, you have to put your personal health first and nothing is impossible! To reach Emily directly, please email

Certifications - Pound Rockout Workout

Jalene Kaiser

#FitNurse #IngredientsMatter #FaithOverFear #ProfessionalFUNhaver #MindsetMotivator

Lover of life and wellness enthusiast! Registered nurse, fitness instructor, coach, and mobile airbrush spray tan owner.  Ever since she was little she knew that she wanted to take care of people. Hence how she choose a professional career in nursing.  While taking care of patients who were sick she developed a love for wanting to help people BEFORE they were sick through nutrition/ wellness and a love for fitness specifically TURBOKICK!

She believes it is never too late to start taking better care of yourself mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.  She leads by example showing others that it is possible.  She takes a strong stance on knowing the ingredients in your products and educates on how and why ingredients matter.  Your health is your wealth and today is a great day to do something about it!  If you want to connect or reach out directly to Jalene please email

Certifications - TurboKick, Insanity and Cize

Mary Ardapple Dierker

#Yogi #Coach #Happy #Healthy #TrailRunner

Mary is a retired professional baker, turned Integrative Health Coach, Yoga instructor, motivational speaker & author.  As an advocate for life long health, Mary encourages others to develop a positive relationship with food and movement to manage the demands life can bring. Mary’s approach is inspiring as she guides class participants to discover lasting benefits from yoga on the mat and in daily living.

To reach Mary directly, please email

Come join the Studio C yoga tribe and be “happy, healthy & whole!”

Debracca Williams-Hangen

#Determined #Grateful #Blessed #Focused #Energetic

Debracca (also known as Deb Rocka) tried her first ZUMBA fitness class in September 2011 and was instantly hooked!!!  At the time, she was on another of her growth paths to lose weight, but soon discovered that ZUMBA fitness would be so much more than just another fitness trend.

ZUMBA fitness has taught her how to find peace within herself.  It is not just a form of exercise, but a way of life.  It has been so beneficial in her life that she shares it with others.  After attending many ZUMBA fitness classes and being advised to become an instructor from other participants, she decided it was time for her to start teaching ZUMBA fitness.

So in March 2012, she became a part of this fast-growing, phenomenal ZUMBA fitness family!  She is also certified in Pound Rockout Workout and Generation Pound. To reach Debracca directly, please email

Certifications-Born to Move, Pound, Generation Pound, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold Toning, Zumba Kids + Kids Jr., Zumba Step, Strong by Zumba

Maripat Hartmann (MP)

#MPHfit4life #SweatAndSwagWithMP #LiveYourBestLife #YouAreWorthIt #CoachMPGFit4Life #GotGoals

Maripat (MP)! is a Registered Nurse and full-time Home Health Care Case Manager. Since she was a little girl, she has always desired to help people. Maripat is also a health and wellness coach through Beachbody which gives her another avenue to help others. She has always been passionate about dance a, especially ballet and about fitness. After hitting a few “bumps in the road of life”, she is now the healthiest and happiest she has ever been. The “bumps in the road” have served her to help others better Maripat is certified in CIZE, an amazingly fun Hip Hop dance workout.  She has been teaching this format for approximately a year and 8 months and absolutely LOVEs it.  Her passion shows through in her energy and enthusiasm. There’s nothing like dancing with people in a judgment-free zone and seeing others have a blast and get the moves. Teaching CIZE and being a Coach has boosted her confidence and has helped her feel free to just be HER (something she has always struggled with). To reach Maripat directly, please email or visit her Beachbody website at

Certifications - CIZE, PiYo

Sarah Ramsey

#MommaOnAMission #DiverseFitFreak #SublimeAdvantageWellness #SawWithSarah #RunningAndGunning

Sarah is an active online coach, an Ace certified personal trainer, certified for group fitness formats in Cize, PiYo and Silver Sneakers. She also has additional training and is in practice with assisted stretching work.  Sarah works full time in the health and fitness industry in multiple facets. She plans to pursue a nutritionist license in the coming year to increase and round out her skill sets even further.   Sarah became more serious and focused about her work in the fitness industry after a separation with a long time corporate position. She is a single mom of two that decided to pursue her passion of serving others to live healthier and happier lives, rather than entering back into the “traditional” work force.  She loves being on a path of continued learning, facing new challenges, and growth in her own journey. Sarah is extremely passionate in her work, and strongly believes in the value of finding the ways to make fitness more fun! To reach Sarah directly, please email

Certifications - ACE CPT, Cize, PiYo, Silver Sneakers Classic & Yoga, Assisted Stretch

Evita Moore

#FitCopWife #SpecialNeedsMom #Momof6 #HealthyLifeAdvocate #FoodisFuel

Evita Moore is a mom of 6 (1 angel baby and 5 living children) with one who has Special needs. She has also been married 12 years to a First Responder. To say that her life is busy is an understatement. She graduated College with a Secondary Education degree in Mathematics. After a partial year subbing as an aide to an Autistic child, she was hired full-time and began teaching High School Math, aka Algebra and Geometry.  After a miscarriage at the end of her first year and learning she was pregnant again, she made a hard decision to be a stay at home mom.  

When Evita contracted Gestational Diabetes with her first 3 full-term babies –   she knew it was time for a change – a time to get healthy.   She signed up for several programs through Beachbody and was able to lose 37lbs in 2013. She also became a Coach that year to help other First Responder Wives and mothers of more than two children do the same.  After her 4th child was born she decided to get certified in PiYo. And, Evita added Turbo Kick certification this past March. She has been teaching her children how to eat healthy and leading by example on the importance of daily exercise. Still having that desire to teach she now Teaches PiYo and Turbo Kick and is loving it.   Evita can be reached directly via Instagram @coach_evita

Certifications - TurboKick, PiYo, P90X, Transform Live

Kristin Werry

#WERQLikeABoss #WERQLife #WERQMadeMeDoIt WhyNotWERQ #WERQaholic

Kristin is teaches WERQ dance fitness here at Studio C!   Kristin started her fitness journey due to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. She started taking a wide variety of fitness classes but knew when she walked into WERQ she had found her home. Kristin fell in love with the format and felt compelled to teach the class in order to take her love for this format to the next level. Through WERQ, Kristin gets to connect with all types of people at all different stages of their fitness journey. Teaching WERQ has provided her the opportunity to see growth, triumph, and small victories every day. 

Kristin strives to live by the motto “live kindly.” She works to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where you can have fun and let loose. WERQ is about movement and expressing yourself which allows each and every person to find their own style. Come try a WERQ class and remember there are no mistakes, only awesome dance solos!  To reach Kristin directly, email

Certifications - WERQ, Groov3

Amanda Epley

#CantStopWontStop #BornReady #RefuseToSink #BePresentAndEngaged #ForeverGrateful

As a full-time single mom of a kid always on the go and an office manager for an extremely busy construction company, Amanda turned to fitness less than a year ago, in October of 2018 as a way to relieve stress in a positive way. She not only knows that fitness is great for your body, but she is a firm believer that it does just as much, if not more, for your mental health. Pound was her first fitness class she ever attended, & she knew immediately she wanted more. Since pound, she has also become obsessed with kick boxing & any other form of movement to help clear her mind and rejuvenate her spirit. She became certified to teach Pound in April 2019 in hopes to show others how refreshing it is to let loose, relieve stress, & let the world be your drum set. Top reach Amanda directly, email